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  • HealthEvolution is emerging as a leading nutritional supplement and wellness business. We offer a family of natural products that support your improved health and the best quality of life for you and your family.

    Angela Wright MBE, Founder, Health Evolution Project
    Angela Wright MBE, Founder, Health Evolution Project
    When developing new products or refining old ones, HealthEvolution begins with a single question: What does the science say?

    We use the latest and best human clinical studies to guide us as we select and blend our products — each of which provides the same dose of health-enhancing ingredients shown, by research, to get positive results.

    The HealthEvolution story began decades ago. As a farmer’s daughter with a keen understanding of food production, soil health and the science of wellness, I’ve been studying how to optimise health for more than twenty years. In 2014, I flew around the world again to complete due diligence on the most important food supplement of our time along with groundbreaking bioresonance treatments.

    All to prove my core preoccupation: science-supported products that work.

    I’ve long had concerns about a supplement industry with heavily hyped promises and little in the way of demonstrable results. As my husband David says, “You Can’t Have More Sizzle Than Sausage”!

    So I decided to address a market challenge. Can I find affordable products using the right doses as used in double-blind clinical studies? And can I supplement this product line with educational services — everything from tips and advice to recipes and exercise routines — that will mobilize people who care about this as much as I do to make informed choices about health?

    To provide the scientific and medical advice that’s so essential, I’ve enlisted the help of Biochemist Jonathan Bechtel, renowned for his thorough and insightful approach to good health. No-one checks raw materials, synergistic properties and formulas more thoroughly than Mr Bechtel! I’m hononoured to have him on my team.

    When it’s been impossible to find the right products anywhere else, I’ve founded new companies.

    As Co-Founder of Get Your Boom! Back, I’ve made sure that the right food supplements and bioresonance products are provided – products you can trust.

    As Co-Founder of Mintycoco, at last you have innovative and trusted oil pulling therapies brought right up to date with unique health properties.

    Every day I see more products to provide, from the endless and detailed research. We can’t add them all at once but rest assured you’ll be the first to know.

    In the meantime, we recommend the best of the best essential therapies and products for you to choose, according to your own health needs.

    Today, HealthEvolution products we’ve created are in use serving customers all over the globe, in more than 36 countries, in both hemispheres. Our customers count on HealthEvolution products for full and healthy lives.

    The ingredients we use are safe for every day use and well tolerated. We use organic and natural botanical ingredients which can be taken with most medications. Of course we do always recommend that you first speak with your personal doctor before getting started. While I am confident that our products are safe and effective, we have no sure way of knowing how your body will react. By consulting with your own doctor, you are able to gauge possible reactions as well as ensure your safety as you continue with your journey to better health.
  • Honors & Awards
  • The Founder, Angela Wright, was awarded an MBE by HM Queen Elizabeth II in 2004.

More About Health Evolution Project

Down To Earth Honesty Not Hype

Here’s What You Must Know

There’s a massive industry trying to separate you from your money. And most of them don’t care if you get well or sicker.

The global pharmaceuticals market is worth US$300 billion a year and is the world’s second largest manufacturing industry, after the arms trade. The two are heavily linked.

The 10 largest drugs companies control over one-third of this market.

Do you trust those big corporations to have your health as their highest agenda? The drug industry is the biggest defrauder of government and paid out nearly $20 billion in fines.

The food supplements industry is run by just five huge firms, including Pfizer.

Supplements including vitamins, minerals, botanicals, probiotics and prebiotics vary hugely in quality.

Working with biochemists, I uncovered that most people are duped by the ingredients in their expensive supplements.

I don’t believe that’s right.

    It’s time for transparency in terms of
  • pure ingredients

  • in the freshest, most natural forms

  • at the correct combinations

  • using the right dose referred to in clinical trials and tests.

That’s how this Health Evolution Project came about.

I believe you’ll be shocked, surprised and even angry when you discover why you’ve been so unwell. Chronic illness is increasing. Children and adults are having teeth extracted and limbs amputated due to poor lifestyle choices. Babies are being medicated for behavioural problems.

That’s not right.

The more I’ve researched this field over the last 20+ years, the more shocked I am that simple good health is possible but not widely known.

With that much money at stake, it’s not surprising that profit margins are at the expense of the consumer.

It’s time for that to stop.

Genuine Ingredients

Only Ever Tested On Humans:

You might have been reading about a great-sounding supplement, but you learn it’s based on results from an in vitro or animal study (not a human study).

This is important because science-based evidence proves that what works in a test tube or a fish, rat, pig or mouse rarely works in humans.

HealthEvolution uses ingredients based only on results tested on humans.

Identical Sourcing:

Maybe you’ve found an ingredient with human studies behind it… but is it the same ingredient as was used in the studies?

It’s so confusing. The more research you do, the less it all makes sense. You might discover that big-name companies tout the research of a particular ingredient … but then replace that same ingredient with an inferior version, from a different location (usually China), extracted in a different way. Simply not the same!

If you are ready to take back control of your health, you’re in the right place. Using genuine, proven products, combining pure ingredients and leading-edge science.

At HealthEvolution, for example, we use the exact same ingredients the scientists used in their original research, sourced from the right locations and extracted, stored and manufactured in exactly the right way.

Using The Right Dose

Research Dosage:

So what if you finally find a product with exactly the same ingredient used in the human studies. You’re excited by the promise of this working.

But look a little deeper and you discover that the active ingredients are either not listed or are not at the same dose used in the research. Once again you are angered by why it’s all too hard.

Sometimes it’s right to be angry. We were too… that’s why at HealthEvolution we include each ingredient in our formulas at the same specific dose used in the research.

The result is that when you use HealthEvolution supplements, you experience the promised results…OR YOU PAY NOTHING.

Only The Best Supplements Are HealthEvolution Certified

Health Evolution Certified

  • Scientific review of human studies to select genuine pure ingredients at the right dose for Your Health Evolved certification

  • Physician AND Biochemist approval of every ingredient.

  • Sourcing of every ingredient from approved growers and suppliers.

  • Third party testing to confirm the identity, purity and potency of every ingredient.

  • Manufactured in the USA and Germany in FDA inspected facilities that strictly comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

  • As an extra standard of excellence, all our products must pass the “Grandmother Test.” If we wouldn’t offer it to our own Grandmothers, we won’t offer it to you.

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Submitted by Amy on Friday, Nov 06, 2015

Great products that genuinely work

Loving all the fantastic things I got from this company! I can speak for my whole family when I say that we have never felt better - thank you so much Health Evolution!!

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